Birdbath Planter

A birdbath as a splendid planter, overflowing with unique succulents or colorful blooming flowers.


You don't need a sprawling space to enjoy the sheer joy of relaxing in a hammock.


Train vining plants along a lattice for an eye-catching and manicured look on a wall bordering your space.

Stay Organized

When you have a small space, storage is key and will help the space feel organized.

Fence Pots

Use your walled space to its fullest potential by hanging planters along the perimeter.

Sling Chairs

Sling chairs make for comfortable seating and you can even fold them up and tuck them against a wall when not in use.

Hanging Flowers

For guests or a special occasion, supplement the look with extra stems from a store-bought bouquet.

Container Gardening

Take your deck to the next level by using containers to create a lush look.

Petite Pond

Trick out your small garden with a compact pond that will make your space feel like a storybook retreat.

Instantly elevate your small garden with an elegant fountain or water feature.