Nimbus Tiny EV: This bike coming with roof and three wheels, is 5 times smaller than a compact car.

Nimbus, an electric vehicle startup based in Michigan, USA, has launched a prototype vehicle 'Nimbus One'.

E-bikes are being touted as micromobility to avoid the traffic-clogged roads & roof on the bike to avoid the rain.

This vehicle is 2.75 feet wide and 7.5 feet long, it is three to five times smaller than a compact car.

A seating facility has been provided for another passenger at the rear, keeping luggage has also been given.

The top speed of Nimbus One is 50 mph, the range of its 9 kWh battery can easily cover a distance of 93 miles.

Nimbus One includes a display screen, Bluetooth speakers, power windows, a fast phone charger, heating and optional air conditioning.

Nimbus expects the first deliveries to happen in the third quarter of 2023, but the company has not yet chosen its launch city.