The Adam Project opens with a younger version of Ryan Reynolds’ character getting pummelled for running his mouth.

The Adam Project is the rare Reynolds movie that doesn’t make you want to hurl a shoe at someone.

There is a sense of mystery and intrigue that revolves around the prospect of someone in the future meeting his past self.

Starring the very good looking Ryan Reynolds, meets  his 12-year-old self in the form of child actor Walker Scobell.

The actor has become the poster boy for everything that’s cheeky, witty, laced with dark sarcasm and humour.

There are a lot of well-done VFX scenes that involve battleships and fight sequences.

The Adam Project is entertaining, dialogues that will leave you in splits, highly recommend if you are seeking a thrill ride in a universe.

The Adam Project  - Shawn Levy Cast – Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Walker Scobell, Zoe Saldana Rating – 3/5