A 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhout Coupe sold for a record €135 million ($142.9 million) in Germany.

It's worth about 307,000% more than the average new car in the US, which cost $46,526 in April.

Buyers were an unnamed private collector, who agreed with the company that the car would remain accessible for public display on special occasions.

Named after its creator and chief engineer Rudolf Uhlenhout, the car is one of two prototypes built by the Mercedes-Benz Racing Department.

With a top speed of 180 mph, the car was one of the fastest road-legal cars of the time.

The auction house said the sale made the car the most valuable car ever sold, exceeding the current record for more than €90 million.

The car was sold by Mercedes-Benz, with an auction held at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

Only select invitees who "share the corporate values of Mercedes-Benz" were able to participate in the auction.