Yamaha increased the prices of these popular motorcycles, know whose price increased by how much.

This decision has to be taken due to the increase in the cost of manufacturing the vehicle.

Yamaha has also announced an increase in the prices of its bikes, let's know the new price list.

The prices of R15 have been increased from Rs 600 to Rs 800.

The price of Yamaha R15 V3 remains the same, it is available at a starting price of Rs 1,57,600.

The price of Yamaha FZ S has increased by Rs 1,000, where the new price is Rs 1,19,400.

Yamaha FZ S Deluxe has also become costlier by Rs 1,000, the new price has gone up to Rs 1,22,400.

To buy Yamaha FZ-X, you will have to pay Rs 2,600 more while the new price of Yamaha FZ 25 is Rs 1,44,600.